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MSEA Members -- We need your help to continue growing! Each MSEA member has a role to play in MSEA's growth. We grow when our members talk with unorganized co-workers in their school district. We grow when our members talk with unorganized workers in neighboring districts. No one can explain the benefits of being organized better than YOU - MSEA's members! You are MSEA's greatest asset!


new unit organizing incentive

Units will receive $100 for holding a meeting that is attended by potential new unit members.  Such units will receive an additional $150 if the potential unit joins MSEA.  "Join" means a successful election, card check or accretion.  All funds are paid out of the organizing budget upon approval by the Executive Director, in consultation with the Organizer.


Upon notification to the Organizer, MSEA members with an interest in organizing can join their Regional Coalition.  Regional Coalition member participants will be paid mileage and treated to refreshments at coalition meetings.


Board Approved:  January 24, 2013

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