MSEA is a union of nearly 7,000+ classified school employees from over 70 school districts in Minnesota. MSEA members are secretaries, paraprofessionals, food service employees, technicians, custodians, interpreters and bus drivers.

MSEA provides services and resources for classified employee groups in negotiating contracts, processing grievances and arbitrations, leadership training and legislative lobbying and monitoring. MSEA has a well-trained, experienced, full-time staff to provide the highest standard of service possible to our members.

  • MSEA is a democracy. The members truly direct the union.
  • 95% of our budget is spent providing negotiation and representation services to members.
  • MSEA represents only classified public school employees, allowing us to devote our full attention to all aspects affecting part-time and full-time public school employees.

MSEA members do.

MSEA is truly a democratic organization. Each year, representatives from all of MSEA’s bargaining units are invited to attend MSEA’s Delegate Assembly, where all MSEA governing policies are passed. MSEA’s Board of Directors are members elected by members at the Assembly and meet monthly to carry out the policies of the Delegates.

Because your unit has elected MSEA as their Exclusive Representative (union), your employer must by Minnesota state law (Public Employees Labor Relations Act) negotiate a contract with you. This contract is binding for the period specified in the contract and can be changed only by negotiations between the union and the district. Without being recognized as an Exclusive Representative (union), your employer only needs to pay you minimum wage with time and a half after 40 hours per week. Even if your employer did give you a contract, they could change it at any time.

The members of your unit determine what issues to address in negotiations. Experienced field staff are available to assist in the negotiation process as determined by unit. MSEA also enforces the contract, helps members in processing grievances and takes those grievances to arbitration when necessary.

Any issue that affects your “terms and conditions of employment” can be addressed through negotiations. Through negotiations we have been able to win many protections and benefits for our members. MSEA helps its members address the following areas:

  • Wage increases
  • Health insurance
  • Severance pay
  • Holidays
  • Personal leave
  • Seniority protection
  • Medical leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Vacations
  • Job postings
  • Grievance procedures
Members voting on a resolution at the annual MSEA Delegate Assembly.