MSEA now provides all member information and forms in electronic copies. If you need help logging into the website, please contact the MSEA Office for assistance.

The most up to date version of your contract, and all other unit contracts.

The most current version of your operating policy, or all other unit operating policies.

Members have access to the following forms/documents while logged in:

  • Sue Ezell Leadership Award
  • Nancy Crippen Educational Scholarship
  • MSEA Member Reimbursement
  • MSEA Retirement Program Brochure
  • MSEA Board Candidate Filing Form
  • Treasury Code of Standards
  • MSEA Governing Documents
  • MSEA Strategic Plan 2022-25
  • Nickelodeon Universe Benefit

Check out a more detailed list of member benefits.

If you have any questions about your dues summary, please contact the office for assistance from our Financial Data Specialist at ph: 651-392-4953.